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If you live in a small city apartment or small living room, you may encounter decoration problems.

It seems that there is not enough space to put the furniture you want, and it is almost impossible to find space to carry out all your ideas about the living room.

Don’t let your small living room hinder your dream of decorating your house. Just because your space is small doesn’t mean you can’t do it the way you like.

There are still many ways to transform your living room. let’s dive in our exquisite small space design gallery and unleash the potential of your small living room.

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Make It Flexible

Use sliding barn doors as occasional dividers to separate the bedroom from the adjacent living room. (In order to enhance privacy and provide yourself with a dedicated space for different activities)

When the door is pushed back, the two spaces share functions and help the two feel united. This continuity makes each of these spaces feel more expansive.

Extra Tips*
A small sofa from homary is better than a large sofa that occupies the entire room.

Choose Slimline Furniture

Credit: Modern Organic

Let The Light Pour In

Credit: Space Joy

Make the most of natural light in the room by keeping window treatment ideas simple. Don’t block it out with dark curtains.

Let light pour in to make the space feel more airy and open. choose lighter shades to maximize the light you do have like the ones in this living room will help, too.

Add Cool Features

If you have the habit of collecting or want a personalized room, then you should take a look at this cool side table tailored for you!

Go Minimal And Clever Decor

Credit: Nest Out West

Remember : Not every inch in your living room has to be filled.

Be clever on choosing the right furniture and Minimal décor that will provide more space for footfall and make your small living room look bigger.

Add Mirror, Mirror, Mirror

Credit: Home Designing

A trick to make your small living room look bigger. Remember to choose a bigger mirror instead of a mirror for decoration

Use Large Area Rugs Instead Of Small

Be Creative With Storage

Credit: Future PLC/ Joanna Henderson

If your storage space is full, you can copy the idea above. A hanging decor basket can also be your storage are! yeah!

Know Your Measurement

Credit: Park and Oak Design

Measure your living room area is an important steps before buying furniture or home decor. Check product specifications before buying

Install Layered Lighting

Credit: Ikea

Incorporate Multi-Functional Spaces

Credit: Ikea

Even if it is small, it is possible to make your small living room a multifunctional space.

Keep it simple and buy the necessary furniture. A memory wall gallery can arouse your motivation when working from home

Built In Shelves


Add Comfy Textures

Credit: Bri Moysa

All White Themes

Credit: Bri Moysa

Invest Multifunctional Sofa

A multifunctional furniture can help you save more space. If you live in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom studio apartment, ultra-space-saving furniture is your only choice.

Make It Simple And Practical


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Everything Small and Tidy

Look For Pale Light Colors

Credit: Oak Furnitureland

Use pale light color themes which can brightening and reflection the light in your living room

Be Inventive With Color

Credit: Paint & Paper Library

Follow The Proportions

Credit: Future

One of the tricks for small living room layout is arranged everything lean against the wall.

To make an extra central space and pathway for the room.

Go Long

Credit: Wyatt Mangum

Best-Seller Multifunctional Coffee Table

Home Office Living Room Combo

Credit: Wyatt Mangum

Vivid Mid-century Modern Living Room

Credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott

If you really have no idea what kind of furniture to choose, then take a look to the mid-century modern furniture.

seamless, sleek and clean furniture that are suitable to mix with any style of living room.

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Maximise Storage Potential


Create A Focal Point In A Small Living Room

Transition To Outdoor Spaces

Credit: Colin Poole

Know your style

“Each person should recognize his or her individual lifestyle needs and then commit to a simple vision that suits it,” Gachot advises.

Credit: Rachel Whiting

Don’t outfit your space in trends if those specific styles don’t appeal to your personal taste. Be sure to purchase pieces that make you feel happy and at home.

Mix Modern With Vintage


Embrace Tiny

Credit: Andrew Bui

Weird Corner

Credit: Geckly

Know Exactly What You Want!


There is nothing wrong with following the trend and following the ideas on the Internet. But it is wise to choose the best furniture that are suit for your living room.

It make sense, right? Furniture are different with home decoration that can be changed and replaced with different trends and seasons.

Finally, I hope these ideas can help you and stimulate your creativity to create a comfortable small living room that you like. Save it if you like!

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