Our Story

We’re here to help you create a family room with full of love

Home is where we started, and living room is our number one priority. We empower you the right value, right quality information to create living room that reflect who you are, what you need, and what you value, and enjoy with your love one at home.

Who We are?

Yang’s Furniture is the destination for all things living room and a place that helps everyone to achieve and create their own dream living room. But how’d we get here?

From the era of fragmentary and incomplete data to a targeted message, we (as ex Architecture student) take pride in provide you a completely information for what you want, what you love and what you really need to create your lovey family room/Living Room!

We Believe Cozy Living Room Makes us Feel Pleasant | energetic | Comfortable

Why the name Yang’s Furniture? In Chinese philosophy, Yang means creative and associated with heaven, comfort, and light. with the name itself, our goal is to help you make your room a little more love!

Comfortable Living Room is always our main focus. (Love & Cozy) is our tagline. If you are also interested in this living room atmosphere. Please feel free to join our community via email!

Why Us?

High Quality Selection

High quality and budget-friendly furniture selection that can fit your financial situation.

Buy Now & Pay Later

Buy Now & Pay Later Is Approved! No Interest Charge For Some Specific Product !

Amazing Value Every Day

Up-to-date Furniture home decor Tips with step by step learning to get what you expect.

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