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Fall is just around the corner, so here we are to collect Fall Mantel decorating ideas with lots of inspiring ideas from simple, basic easy to modern fall fireplace décor.

Decorate your fall mantel with gourds, pumpkins, dried flowers, decorative trays , wreaths garlands and other seasonal beauties! You can also customize décor ideas below to what you like. Want DIY ideas? Check here!

No mantel? No problem! You can still use these great fall decorating ideas to apply on any corner or living room in your home.

For personal concern, be cautious and don’t try to apply all fall décor ideas if your living room is small (learn to make your living room looks bigger)

Let us check out all of these beautiful mantels and see if any inspire you! You can save pin in pinterest so that you will not miss it next time!

1. Thanksgiving at a Glance

2. Minimalist Decor (“Less is More”)

A tall vase brimming with bittersweet branches make a feeling of visual hierarchy (outstanding elements). It creates a simple, cozy and modern feel. I like this fall decor ideas.

Source: Southern Living

3. Memory wall with printed photo (Easy hang and replace others when season changes)

Image Credit: A Pop of Pretty

4. Colourful Halloween Embellish Mantel

Image Credit: Danielle Daly/ goodhousekeeping

5. Numerous Pumpkins

Image Credit: Studio DIY.

6. Eclectic and Majestic Decor

Image Credit: craftberrybush

7. Natural Friendly / Farmhouse Style

Image Credit: Love of Family and Home

8. Scandinavian & Cozy Fall Mantel Decor

Combination of noble and cozy feel of mantel fall decor. If your house is scandinavian style, I will recommend you save it in your decor list as an inspiration ideas.

Image Credit: Overstock

9. Metallics Fall Mantel Decor

Looks bold but has a good grasp and also eye – catching. Color and materials are the main points. Can try playing with gold, silver color and different texture and finishes.

Image Credit: serendipityrefined 

10. Nature’s Treasures DIY

Image Credit: Overstock

11. Autumn Orange Accent Create Cheerful Mood

Image Credit:  orientaltrading.com

12. Kids Lovely Halloween Mantel Decor

If your house got children, then this super spidey halloween mantel decor will make a great childhood memory for them. 🤪 Kids would be impressed with this creepy Halloween mantel display, with hanging ghosts, haunted house lanterns, pumpkins and more.

Image Credit: Design Improvised
Image Credit: Steve Giralt/ goodhousekeeping

13. Halloween Mantel

Image Credit:  Overstock

14. Creative Painted Gourds

Image Credit:  Midwestliving

15. “I LOVE YOU” Mantel Decor

Let’s play a game with your family members. Write down on strips of paper why you love them and vice versa. Say it loudly to each other what you guys wrote down and then DIY to this heartfelt paper pumpkin garland, making it an especially sweet decoration for a prominent place like the mantel. See more at Somewhat Simple.

Image Credit:  Somewhat Simple.

16. Vintage-Inspired Halloween Mantel

Image Credit:  Little Vintage Nest

17. Rustic Mantel Fall Decoration

Image Credit:   Lillian Hope Designs 

18. Elegant Candlesticks

You can never go wrong with candlesticks on a mantel—a no-fuss way to bring warmth into your space. Close the light bulb and ignite these elegant candle will create a special mystery atmosphere in your room. Have a good try…

19. Green and Peaceful Fall Decor

Image Credit:  Midwestliving

20. White Color scheme Leaning Mirror

Image Credit:  White Living

21. “catwoman” Halloween Mantel Decor

To make this at home, start by downloading our cat face templateUsing a white pencil, trace the template onto black card stock and cut out desired number of faces. See more at countryliving

Image Credit: countryliving

22. Farmhouse Theme cozy Fall Feel

Image Credit: dandelionpatina.com
Image Credit: Bless this Nest Blog

23. Vintage Finds Fall Mantel Decor

Image Credit: The Frugal Homemaker

24. Autumn leaves Frames

Image Credit: Midwestliving

25. Velvet Pumpkins Trending

Image Credit: Etsy/YourHeartsContent

I hope these 25 Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas will inspired you! Maybe take some hours to DIY. You will accomplishment with doing the things you like! Just save THE PIN to your Fall Decor or Mantel Decor boards

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